Greg Shirer Teaching

the Pepe Romero Method of Classical Guitar

Classical Ukulele sheet music by Stephanie Yung (aka Sifu fingeruke Yung)

I highly recommend these wonderful arrangements for the Classical Ukulele.

Download the PDF below for a comparison of the notes on GUITAR and UKULELE.

After the passing of our long-time friend and ukulele virtuoso John King, Pepe Romero Jr. was inspired to begin building ukuleles in addition to his guitars. One July 4th weekend Pepe Sr. asked me to learn a Bach Prelude by watching John play on YouTube and teach it to him. Not many people get a chance to teach Pepe Romero so I took this opportunity seriously. After a very successful lesson I was presented with "Mini-me" as a thank you. Download my free arrangement of Bach's Gigue from Cello Suite I below.