LEARN like one of the family


Greg Shirer Teaching

the Pepe Romero Method of Classical Guitar

In my first classical guitar lesson I was told to place the instrument on my left knee and play beautifully. Shortly thereafter I developed so many bad habits that I could relate to Edison's 10,000 ways of how not to invent the light bulb. Several teachers later I met Pepe Romero who not only set me on a better path for playing the guitar but gave me his first-born daughter, Cristina, as my wife. Together with our son, Bernardo Romero, life is complete. Bernardo is building amazing concert Classical and Flamenco guitars in the same workshop as his uncle, Pepe Romero, Jr.


As part of the family, my role is to instruct the 4th generation of Romeros. Bernardo along with cousins Jacob Kressin, Leah Kressin, Emilio Romero and Maxi Romero have performed encores following concerts of Los Romeros. I invite you to learn the Pepe Romero Method of Classical Guitar with me as part of our family. My intention is to preserve the techniques that Celedonio used with his sons and the contributions made by Pepe over the past 50 years with the help of the internet. I give personal attention and guidance with private lessons through Skype. Additionally, I record interactive videos for every step of the process. Contact me today!